They said "Michael Corleone did this", "Michael Corleone did that" so I said, "yeah! sure!"
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You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, “You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He’s a good fella. He’s one of us.” You understand? We were good fellas. Wiseguys.
"Perfect Day" was originally inspired by a ham sandwich I had eaten. It was so amazing that it had turned my day into a perfect day. It was delicious, so delicious that I decided to dedicate a song to it. I really liked where I was going with the song so I changed some of the lyrics around and now it just sounds like any ordinary song. Most people wouldn’t of guessed that it was about a ham sandwich.
Lou Reed on “Perfect Day” (via oilysykes) ←

There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968 (via quotestuff) ←

Track: I Feel Like Going Home
Artist: Yo La Tengo
Album: I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass


i can float above the ceiling
i like drifting through the air
i tend to lose my concentration
but right now the clouds don’t appeal too much
i feel like going home


"The first time I met Linda was at one of the Beatles’ recording sessions. Paul introduced her to us. She was attractive, obviously—she had a sunshine smile—but I thought that there was a certain vulnerability about her. Later I came to understand that that impression was wrong, because when I think of Linda’s life, I think of a very strong woman." - Yoko


lizzy mercier descloux

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  1. Dale Alegría A Mi Corazón / Mercedes Sosa
  2. If / Telly Savalas
  3. Rapture (7” mix) / Blondie
  4. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! / Beatles
  1. Daytime Nighttime Suffering / Wings
  2. I Can’t Reach You / The Who
  3. Give Him A Great Big Kiss / The Shangri-Las
  4. Girl From The North Country / Bob Dylan
  5. Long, Long, Long / Beatles
  6. Everywhere / Fleetwood Mac
  7. Return To Sender / Elvis Presley
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Julia - B for Bang

Underwood Typewriter - Fionn Regan

Love in Vain - Rolling Stones

Is That All There Is? - Peggy Lee

All or Nothing - Au Revior Simone


Hidden in the Sand - Tally Hall

Anna - Taken by Trees

Mama Don’t Like My Man - Sharon Jones

Get Back - The Beatles

Runs in the Family - The Roches

Ask the Elephant! - Plastic Ono Band

Violet - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

You Drive Me Crazy (Live) - Greg Brown

No ha muerto. Ha iniciado
un viaje atardecido.
De azul en azul claro
—de cielo en cielo— ha ido
por la senda del sueño
con su arcángel de lino.
Gabriel García Márquez, ‘Geografía Celeste’ (primera parte)  (via lefabuleuxdestindunpoete) ←


i made this like a year ago and it’s so simple but i love it so much


Georgia O’Keeffe